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On and On in Halcyon

The Ourobouros Tribe of Sol, The Halcyon Days...
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Together we will change this world and leave the hate and pain behind.

The Ourobouros Tribe of Sol is a unit of bliss in the world of the asleep.
Here is where we have built our Fortress,
here is where we have come to meet.

In you and I, we see the eye,
in you and I we sleep,
In you and I we destroy the lie,
and never will we become sheep.

A flock of masters all our own,
a setting sun for we,
To move along in our new home,
the journey we must keep.

Keep it moving on and on,
keep it moving deep,
Never taking hate along,
never pained by the weak.

To join this community:
1. Please find your kin name with this tool from Tortuga.
2. Join the community and post an introduction of yourself and what you are seeking as a student in the way of life. Optional.
3. Feel free to discover our current members through our friends page.